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I’m Christina, a writer and traveler who’s been known to run a marathon, climb a 14er, drive from coast to coast, drink craft beer or red wine, and look for life lessons along the way.

I was raised in the mountains of western Colorado, where I explored the sleepy towns, majestic mountains, icy rivers, and awe-inspiring canyons that were part of my daily life.

I began traveling internationally at 13 when my family drove from Colorado, through eastern Mexico, to Belize.  This one-month road trip gave me an appetite for learning about other cultures, experiencing the world beyond myself and finding the places where we connect as people.  Since then, I have traveled to 47 states and several other countries continuing to seek new experiences.

I am currently based in Nashville, Tennessee.

What do you do?

I specialize in consumer and business writing.

I write non-fiction travel and lifestyle pieces, including destination features, place-based narrative essays as well as reviews and how-to pieces.

I also call on my 12+ years in business to write and edit business documentation, including policy and procedures, employee handbooks, user manuals, and promotional materials.

What is Connecting Coordinates?

Just as a GPS coordinate pins down an exact location with the intersection of latitude and longitude, the most meaningful things in life can be traced to precise interactions of person and place.

Our lives are lived like dots on a map woven together by our interactions – whether brief or extensive – and tied to where we met, what we experienced and how we’ve been affected.

Connecting Coordinates is a blog where you’ll find stories of travel destinations meeting with humanity to share the experiences that connect us all.

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I can be reached at: connectingcoordinates @ gmail.com

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